Humana Tea Beverage for breastfeeding mothers

Humana offers gentle tea blends for the specific needs of breastfeeding mothers

Infant tea for the baby’s tummy

Herbal beverage that relieves from abdominal discomfort

Fennel tea

Humana tea is a herbal beverage for infants and children.

Tea for a good night’s sleep

The baby will love the mild taste with delicate notes of chamomile


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New generation of Milk – Humana PROBALANCE™

We are here for you
because raising a child
is never easy

We look forward to accompanying you on the beautiful journey of motherhood & fatherhood, from pregnancy and breastfeeding, to the proper nutrition of your little one and all the challenges you will face in your daily life, as a small family.

Advise for Mommies

We are here for you

If you have specific questions or queries e.g. about pregnancy, breastfeeding or infant and toddler nutrition, then our experienced colleagues at our parenting advice service will be happy to help and advise you.

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