Organic with 5 cereals – Without Milk

Organic with easily digestible whole grain cereals

Humana 5 cereals and biscuit

Cereal with Milk and Biscuit from the 6th Month.

Humana Cereal for a good night’s sleep with banana

After a day full of impressions, the infant needs a peaceful sleep.

Organic Rice Flour Cereal – Without Milk

Cereal with whole grain rice flour, for infants after the 4th month. It does not contain sugar, milk and gluten.

Cereal with rice flour and pumpkin – Without Milk

Humana cereal with rice flour and pumpkin – Without Milk, after the 6th month.

Organic Cereal with Semolina – Without Milk

Organic cereal with easily digestible whole grain cereals, valuable for health,

Humana Buckwheat Apple

Cereal cream with buckwheat and apple from the 6th month.

Humana Cereal Apple with Rice, without milk

Ideal as a first cereal for exclusively breastfed babies


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