Humana 5 cereals and biscuit

After the 6th month

Cereal with Milk and Biscuit from the 6th Month.
For the safe and balanced nutrition of your baby.

Cereal with Milk and Biscuit from the 6th Month.

Cereals with valuable whole grain wheat and delicious biscuit flavor offer your baby new culinary experiences.

Combined with age-appropriate milk and all the necessary vitamins and minerals, these cereals provide energy for an activity-filled day.

Infant Creams

Humana Infant Creams for healthy nutrition are specifically adapted to the particular needs of infants with milk allergy or lactose intolerance and infants at high risk of allergy respectively. All Humana infant creams contain essential vitamins, calcium, iron and iodine and are suitable for nutrition after the 6th month.

Humana’s expertise in infant nutrition offers nourishing solutions for every child.

It is good to know

  • From 6 months of age
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc for a healthy immune system
  • Calcium is important for bones
  • Iron supports blood formation
  • Whole grain
  • Contains gluten
  • Easy to prepare by adding water
  • Contents: 200 g

Preparation Instructions

Follow the instructions when preparing infant food: Clean the utensils to be used thoroughly. Prepare each meal so that it is fresh. Feed immediately and do not reuse the leftovers. Incorrect preparation and storage can lead to health problems.


Boil the recommended amount of water or 2nd infant age formula and allow it to cool to about 50°C.


Add the powder in a bowl


Add the recommended amount of liquid and stir – enjoy.

Do not heat in the microwave (risk of burns).

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