Proven safety and tolerance. The formulation based on extensively hydrolysed whey protein and extensively hydrolysed casein in an 80/20 ratio has shown reduced allergenicity, resulting in good tolerability in 98% of infants.

Exclusive blend of extensively hydrolysed whey protein and extensively hydrolysed casein in a ratio of 80/20 with reduced allergenicity.

Reduced free amino acid content (3%) with an M.B. <200 Daltons for better palatability and better intestinal absorption.

Amino acid profile is more similar to breast milk compared to formulations with only extensively hydrolyzed casein or only whey protein.

Bioactive peptides with immunomodulatory effects.

For the nutritional management of allergy to cow’s milk protein in infants.

New improved composition – with carefully selected ingredients

Humana Expert

The Humana EXPERT label is applied to foods for infants & children with special nutritional needs. They have been developed based on the findings of scientific research.

Preparation Instructions

Follow the instructions when preparing infant food: Clean the bottle, teat and ring thoroughly. Prepare each meal so that it is fresh. Feed immediately and do not reuse leftovers. Incorrect preparation and storage can lead to health problems.


Boil water, let it cool to 50°C and pour half of the amount into a clean baby bottle.


Fill the provided measuring cup sharply and add the required amount of powder to the baby bottle.


Close the bottle with the cup and shake immediately, add the rest amount of water and shake again.


Insert the teat and check the temperature (37°C).

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