Humana AC Expert

From birth onwards

New improved composition – with carefully selected ingredients

Specialized treatment of constipation and infant colic

Excellent flavor

  • Combination of increased vitamins D and K
  • For the optimal development of the musculoskeletal and immune system
  • Reduced whey protein
  • 1,5 g/100 ml (εναρμονισμένη σύμφωνα με τη νέα οδηγία του ΕFSA)
  • 1,5 g/100 ml (in harmony and in accordance with the new EFSA guideline) & • Increased amount of DHA & LCPUFAs (Better functioning of the Central Nervous System)
  • Enriched with valuable trace elements and vitamins

Specialized treatment of constipation and infant colic


Important suggestions:

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your infant.

Please consult your pediatrician if you want to use an infant formula.

Humana AC EXPERT is suitable as an exclusive food for infants from birth onwards and as a food supplement after 6 months.

Humana ACEXPERT should be used under medical supervision.


New improved composition – with carefully selected ingredients with LIPOMILK

Humana Expert

The Humana EXPERT label is applied to foods for infants & children with special nutritional needs. They have been developed based on the findings of scientific research.

Properties – Composition

  • Enriched with iron bisglycinate: New source of iron with increased bioavailability, up to 4 times greater than iron sulfate
  • Very gentle on the infant’s stomach
  • Extremely well tolerated by the immature infant gastrointestinal system
  • Constipation avoidance

Preparation Instructions

Follow the preparation instructions carefully when preparing infant food.  Clean and sterilize the bottle and teat. Prepare fresh food for each meal and give it to your baby immediately. Do not save leftover food for later. A mistake in preparation can affect your baby’s health.
Do not heat the milk in the microwave (risk of burns).


Boil water, let it cool to about 50°C and pour the required amount into a clean baby bottle.


Fill the measuring cup sharply and add the required amount of powder to the baby bottle.


Close the baby bottle and shake well.


Insert the teat and check the temperature (37°C).

Do not heat in the microwave (risk of burns).

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