Humana 1 Optimum

From birth up to the 6th month


Humana 1 infant formula is given from the 1st bottle and for the entire duration of bottle feeding:

  • Enriched with iron bisglycinate
  • as an exclusive food, if you are not breastfeeding
  • as a supplement when breast milk is insufficient
  • in combination with breastfeeding

Important note:
Breastfeeding is the best thing for your child. If you want to use an infant formula from early infancy, consult your pediatrician first. Please take note of the indications and instructions on the packaging.

Filling and easily digestible from the 1st bottle.

Filling and easily digestible from the 1st bottle.

ProBalance system

Our promise of natural growth in perfect balance, with Humana’s Pro balance system in combination with our vertically integrated production and GMO free feeding certification, are the most suitable solution after breastfeeding.

Properties – Composition

  • quantitatively and qualitatively adapted to the proteins of breast milk
  • easily digestible and easily absorbed due to its 100% lactose content (the main carbohydrate in breast milk)
  • with omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids from 100% vegetal sources
  • enriched with high quality long chain fatty acids (LCPUFA), nucleotides and prebiotic fibers for better development of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and strengthening of the immune system.

Preparation Instructions

Follow the preparation instructions carefully when preparing infant food. Clean and sterilize the bottle and teat. Prepare fresh food for each meal and give it to your baby immediately. Do not save leftover food for later. A mistake in preparation can affect your baby’s health.


Boil water, let it cool to about 50°C and pour the required amount into a clean baby bottle.


Fill the measuring cup sharply and add the required amount of powder to the baby bottle.


Close the baby bottle and shake well.


Insert the teat and check the temperature (37°C).

Do not heat in the microwave (risk of burns).

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