Fennel tea

After the 4th month

Humana tea is a herbal beverage for infants and children. With herbs such as fennel and cumin, it calms and aids digestion.

Humana tea is a herbal beverage for infants and children.

Fennel is always used in babies’ nutrition:
It is a light tea containing particularly high quality and carefully selected extracts of fennel and carum carvi. Ideal as a source of supplementary fluids for your baby after the age of 4 months.

Humana offers gentle tea blends for the specific needs of breastfeeding mothers, as well as for infants and toddlers.
Humana’s expertise in infant nutrition offers nourishing solutions for every child.

It is good to know

  • Suitable for infants over 4 months
  • Contains natural lactose
  • Has a mild and smooth taste
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Contains no added flavorings, colorings or preservatives (according to the law)

Preparation Instructions

Follow the instructions when preparing infant food: Clean the utensils to be used thoroughly. Prepare each meal so that it is fresh. Feed immediately and do not reuse the leftovers. Incorrect preparation and storage can lead to health problems.


Pour 200ml of boiling water


Add one teaspoon of grains per 100ml and stir


Allow it to cool to a drinking temperature (about 37°C)

Do not heat in the microwave (risk of burns).

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