Biscuits with Berries

Biscuits are a perfectly healthy treat
Humana Berry biscuits are a snack for infants over 12 months. These soft biscuits are made with high quality ingredients such as real butter and juicy, flavorful fruits: berries and strawberries. In addition, for the health of the baby, we enriched them with vitamin B1 – important for the metabolism and the development of the baby’s nervous system. The small shape of the biscuits allows children to eat them on their own, and the convenient packaging with the resealable option keeps the biscuits fresh.

A varied, balanced and healthy lifestyle is important for your little ones. Humana biscuits are a great snack, suitable for babies and toddlers.

It is good to know

Easy to hold for small hands making it the ideal snack for having on-the-go.

  • From 12 months of age
  • 150 g

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