Bio Fruit Pouches Apple & Banana

After the 4th month

Apple and banana pouches with no added sugar. Naturally delicious thanks to the organic ingredients, it is the healthy snack for all times.

In addition, thanks to the practical packaging, which has a special cap for controlled flow, all babies can now learn to eat their favorite fruits on their own!
Perfect for summer trips to the beach and beyond!
And training in healthy eating habits… becomes a piece of cake!

The new Humana organic fruit pouches are here in a practical 90g package

The new Humana organic fruit purees are here in a practical 90g package so you can have your baby’s fruits always and everywhere with you!

100% organic fruit

Made from 100% organic fruits and only from strictly tested varieties.
They do not contain added sugar and are rich in vitamin C!

Humana’s expertise in infant nutrition offers nourishing solutions for every child.

It is good to know

  • Offers 100% organic quality
  • Suitable for infants over 4 months
  • No added sugar – ingredients contain natural sugars
  • Does not contain added dairy products
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Does not contain added thickeners
  • Does not contain added flavorings, colors or preservatives (according to the law)

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