Parents want the best possible start in life for their child. Thanks to Humana’s extensive experience in infant nutrition, we support children’s healthy development by providing reliable products in harmony with nature. Humana is committed to offering controlled and certified “Made in Germany” quality with over 70 years of experience in research and development.

70+ Years of Experience

600+ Quality Controls



Humana Family

Life begins with Humana

High-quality infant nutrition from our family to families around the world.

In the midst of a natural environment among grass, cows, farms and a few people, we are at the source of milk – and being so close to our main raw material provides us with the perfect conditions for the production of high quality infant food.

The Menke family, with their son Flynn – the youngest member of our family who is 10 months old! His parents and grandfather give us the milk from their cows.

Our dairy farmers are contractually committed to the excellent welfare of the cows, from which we get their precious milk, and to feeding them a genetically modified food-free diet.

Collecting our precious milk

Over 600 quality controls

From our family to yours, with love, respect & care


#being a mom means…

‘’…hearing their laughter and
realizing that it’s the
most precious thing in your life’’

’’…the sublime emotions
that you never knew you were hiding inside’’

’’…feeling your heart melt
every time you hear
”I love you, Mommy”

’’… putting your children’s needs
before your own’’

’’… waking up in the night
just to make sure your baby is okay’’