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The house of innovation

In our new production facility in Strückhausen, our high-quality infant formula is developed and produced using the latest technology and with the highest standards of product safety and hygiene.

Survey among mothers and health professionals

We are conducting a global survey with more than 6,500 mothers and 700 health care professionals (HCPs) to learn and better understand their basic needs and expectations for infant and children’s food.

Launch of ditrevit® forte

nutritional supplement for the support of the musculoskeletal system and the enhancement of psychokinetic development. With vitamin D3 and DHA.

Launch of Piulatte

dietary supplement for breastfeeding mothers with vitamins B12 and Silitidil.

Ιnfant milk 2,

second stage infant milk 3 (apple) and HN special formula are now offered with prebiotic fibre.